Fall Seed

Whether you are planting for livestock or attracting wildlife we have the seed selection to help you.  Let us help you plan your planting to extend grazing from fall to spring. Late September through October is prime time to plant your winter pasture and food plots. Fertilizing at the same time as planting can help seeds germinate, develop a root system, and establish faster. Applying at least 40 lbs of nitrogen per acre at planting can help you achieve much better results.


Forage Max Wheat: Plant 75-100 lbs per acre

      Forage Max Wheat is bread to provide broad leaves creating tons of forage. Wheat grows even during the coldest conditions, providing forage when its most needed.

Bob Oats: Plant 75 - 100 lbs per acre

      Bob Oats are a staple in fall planting, their fast germination and establishment gives some of the first forage in a food lot or winter pasture. 

Buck Forage Oats: Plant 75-100 lbs per acre

      Buck Forage Oats are the premier planting oats.  They are breed to provide a broad leaf and create a significant more amount of forage than Bob Oats

Elbon Rye: Plant 75-100 ls per acre

      Elbon Rye is a creal grain rye similar to wheat.  Elbon also grows during the coldest conditions and helps provide forage during our coldest periods.

Gulf Ryegrass: Plant 20-30 lbs per acre

      Gulf Ryegrass is probably the most widely used winter pasture seed.  It germinates quickly and grows even in the poorest soil conditions.  Used for forage and erosion control.

Crimson Clover: Plant 20-25 lbs per acre

      Crimson clover is planted in the fall but grows at its peak March through May providing high quality forage during the early spring.  Clovers also produce nitrogen which helps you summer pasture as well.

Arrowleaf Clover: Plant 8-15 lbs per acre

       Arrowleaf Clover is planted in the fall and like other clovers grows at its peak during the early spring.  Arrowleaf has a high reseeding potential, giving you a stand for years to come when established well. Clovers also produce nitrogen which helps you summer pasture as well.

Purple Top Turnips: Plant 3 lbs per acre mixed with other seeds

   Purple Top Turnips are a great addition to any food plot or winter pasture.  Most animals due not like them until we get a heavy frost when the plant releases sugar to its leaves.  This lets it establish better before grazing begins.

Vetch: Plant 20-25 lbs per acre

    Vetch is a legume which provides excellent forage and also produces nitrogen for other plants.  Great when mixed with other forages.

Austrian Winter Peas: Plant 20-30 lbs per acre

Austrian Winter Peas provide a high quality forage and make a great addition to a food plot.

Top Notch Wildlife Mix: Plant 50 lbs per acre

    Top Notch Wildlife Mix is a great mix of Oats, Wheat, Barley, Triticale, Winter Peas, Turnips, Brassica, and Ball Clover.  Provides forage quick and last through early spring.

Fall Wildlife Mix:  Plant 75-100 lbs per acre

   This is a blend of Wheat, Oats, Winter Peas, Ryegrass, Rapeseed, and Crimson Clover.  Provides a fast establishing food plot which last through early spring.