Lawn Care

Fertilizer: We carry blends like 15-5-10, 28-3-10, and many more.  We have conventional, slow release, and also organic fertilizers for your lawn.  We stock bags and can also blend a custom blend bulk if you have a large lawn.

Herbicides: Controlling unwanted weeds can be a challenge, but with our expertise we can guide you to products which will control weeds without damaging your lawn

Fungicides: Disease is one of the most damaging problems a lawn can face.  Let us help you choose the correct fungus control products, while also creating a plan to help prevent fungus. We have liquid and granule disease control products.

Simple Fertilizer and Weed Prevention Plans - With these simple lawn plans you will give your lawn all the nutrients they need through the growing season as well as prevent weeds.  These plans can be adjusted to meet you individual lawn needs but they provide a great starting point. 

 Bermuda Lawn Plan - 10,00 sq ft

St. Augustine Lawn Plan - 10,000 sq ft

Centipede Lawn Plan - 10,000 sq ft

Zoysia Lawn Plan - 10,000 sq ft