Livestock Feeds

We carry Big V ,Martindale & Livestock Nutrition Feeds.  We offer sack feed as well as bulk feed with delivery available.  Let us help you choose the right nutritional program for your animals.

Bulk Feed

MFM 20% Cubes

MFM 14% - 4.5% Fat 5/32" All Stock Pellets

LNC 14% Smelley Mix-Show Mix

LNC 14% Dickard Mix - Textured

LNC 17% Deer Blend


MFM 12% Performers Choice Big V 12% Creep
Big V 14% Creep MFM & Big V 14% Creep
MFM 12% Horse Pellet MFM 14% Cubes 
MFM 10% Sweet Feed Big V 20% Cubes 
MFM 12% Sweet Feed MFM 12% Baby Beef
Big V 14% Heritage Performance Big V 14% Textured Creep
MFM Equine Complete MFM Bull & Heifer Developer 
Big V 12-8 Horse Pellet Big V Supremo Show Developr 
Big V Hertiage Senior  Big V Supremo Expand
Big V Heritage Professional MFM 17% Range Meal
Big V 14% Performance Choice MFM 27% Range Meal
MFM XL Senior Select Safe Guard Wormer Cube
Big V 12% Creep  Safe Guard Wormer Block
  MFM Beet Pulp
POULTRY MFM 16% Dairy Pellet
MFM 16% Layer Pellet
Big V 20% Lay Pellet
MFM 16% Layer Crumble BULK FEED
MFM 20% Layer Crumble MFM 14% Creep 5/32 & 3/8
Big V All Way Kernel 25Ib. MFM16% Creep
Big V All Way Kernel 50Ib. MFM 20% CUBE
MFM 18% Chick Start Grow LNC14% Dickard Mix
Big V Chick Start 25Ib.
Big V Game Chicken 50Ib. TUBS
Big V Go Get Em Pigeon MFM 20% AN 200Ib.
Big V Grower Grit MFM 24% AN IGR 200Ib.
Big V Game Bird Starter (MED) MFM 24% TUB 200Ib.
Big V Game Bird Grower MFM 30% Tub 200Ib.                         
Big V Brooks Pigeon Grain MFM 34/12 Cooked Tub 225Ib.
Big V Oyster Shells
Big V Game Bird Breeder
Big V Super hen Scratch 25Ib.
Big V Super Hen Scratch 50Ib. GRAINS
Big V Hen Scratch 50Ib. MFM Crimped Corn
Big V Hen Scratch 25Ib. MFM Corn Chops
Big V Hen Scratch Block MFM Whole Corn
Big V 15% Rabbit Pellet 50Ib. Big V Steamed Rolled Oats 40lb.
  Big V Rice Bran Full Fat 
GOAT FEED Big V Wheat Bran
Goat Developer MFM Whole Oats
MFM Meat Goat Big V Yaggie Groats
Big V 12% Creep  Big V Whole Wheat
Big V 14% Creep  MFM Soybean & Corn
Show Rite Advancer Plus MFM Soybean Meal
  Big V Cotton Seed Meal
SWINE Big V Flax Seed
MFM 16% Hog & Sow Pellet MFM Milo
Big V 12% Creep  Big V Cotton Seed Hull
Big V 14% Creep  Big V Cotton Seed Cube
MFM White Salt Block
MFM White Salt Brick
MFM Trace Mineral Block
MFMTrace Mineral Brick
MFM Sulphur Block
MFM Sulphur Brick
Stock Salt
Big V 12-12 Mineral (bag)
Big V 2:1 Altosid Big V IGR
Big V Hi Mag Mineral
MFM XL Horse Mineral
Rabon Sweetlix  Block