Feed:  From corn to protein feeds to food plots, we have you covered when it comes to feeding wildlife.  We offer regular deer corn, persimmon flavored, and licorice flavored corn.  We carry MFM Game Pro 20% protein pellets which is a great supplement for does and bucks.  Another popular choice is MFM Game Pro Roasted Soybeans and Corn Mix, this is a higher fat supplement which is great for keeping condition on deer during the fall and winter. 
Forage:  One of the best ways to feed wildlife is by planting forage products.  Most wildlife prefer do graze and pick naturally instead of eating from a feeder, they feel more comfortable and will consume more.  We can help you plan a year round forage program to ensure your wildlife has the best nutrition available.  We offer bulk and bag seeds and fertilizers to meet your wildlife's needs.
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