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Cactus Valley

Lambda Select 1 Gallon

Restricted Pesticide, For Sale in Texas Only, Will be contacted to provide valid Texas Pesticide Applicators License before delivery. AI: Lambda-Cyhalothrin...13.0% Lambda-Cyhalothrin 1 EC delivers excellent broad-spectrum residual control of primary and secondary insect pests of soybeans. Nufarm Lambda-Cyhalothrin 1 EC contains lambdacyhalothrin, the same active ingredient used in Nufarm Lambda-Cyhalothrin 1 EC is highly effective against soybean aphids and other tough pests such as bean leaf beetles and corn rootworm beetles. Plus, Lambda-Cyhalothrin 1 EC offers long residual control and the convenience of low use rates. Nuprid insecticide helps protect yields by controlling aphids,bean leaf beetles,c ucumber beetles, adult Japanese beetles, leafhoppers and whiteflies. With systemic activity, Nuprid insecticide delivers both contact and long-lasting residual control of pests at very low use rates.EPA Reg. No.: 228-708
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