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Cactus Valley

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) 50 lbs

Guaranteed Analysis: 9.8% Magnesium and 12.9% Sulfur. This agricultural-grade magnesium sulfate heptahydrate (MgSO4-7H2O) is an extremely soluble and bioavailable source of magnesium and sulfur for the health of animals and plants. For plants: Contains essential plant nutrients: magnesium and sulfur. Optimum solubility needed to make true clear solutions and compatible with other soluble nutrients. Ideal source for all Fertigation Systems: center pivot, micro-jet, drip-trickle and foliar spray applications. Magnesium is critical as a central element in the chlorophyll molecule to capture energy from the sun and convert it to plant sugars via photosynthesis. Magnesium is especially required in sandy soils, soils with low CEC, for crops with high Mg demand and in situations of high applications of ammonium-N and/or potassium. For animals: Contains macro-nutrient magnesium and secondary nutrient sulfur. Excellent solubility means greater animal bioavailability than other magnesium sources. Effective magnesium for the prevention and treatment of hypermagnesemia and grass tetany, especially in early lactating dairy cows. Effective magnesium nutrition in non-ruminant feeds; also used for enhanced mobility, reduced discomfort and a beneficial calming effect. Magnesium is an important cofactor in enzymat.
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